Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Punggol Park

We stopped over at Punggol Park for a very short while & didn't had much time to laza around.

As it was threatening to rain at any point in time, we had only managed to take snapshots of the inhabitants staying in a concrete pond found at Punggol Park.

There were arowana fishes, terrapins & orange-spotted oscar fishes found in the pond.

Isn't this terrapin adorable?


The old Serangoon Garden North Primary School

Hubby Dearest & his siblings were enrolled into Serangoon Garden North Primary School when they were still kids.

When he came across this building recently, which had been well-maintained & no longer served as the Serangoon Garden North Primary School, he felt a strong sense of nostalgia as he recalled how he & his classmates used to receive their education in these premises as naughty children full of pranks in their pockets & school bags.

The school used to be surrounded by trees that came in all forms & sizes ... but had made way for urbanisation.

As such, you could see from the photograph that the school has an open-concept, "airy" feel to it now.

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Mynah - Pasir Ris

We were waiting for the public transport (bus) to arrive & chanced upon this chubby looking mynah whose busy picking up twigs to build up its nest.

"She" was probabbly so engrossed in scavenging for raw materials that it didn't realise that she's on candid camera ...

Isn't she cute looking?  hahahaha ...

Monday, May 14, 2012

River Vista @ Bendemeer (near Kallang)

Monitor Lizards

Hubby Dearest came across this giantic, ugly-looking monitor lizard scavenging alongside the drain during low tide.

I hate lizards & am frightened of them.  Reptiles - Urgh! 

This is a juvinile monitor lizard as it is smaller in size as compared to the rest who were also present but camera shy.

This is a larger version of a monitor lizard detected within the same vicinity.

River Bird

I had mistaken these birds for King Fisher much to the amusement of Hubby Dearest who grew up in the kampong.  He claimed that such birds are quite a common sight near rivers and some were seen at boat quay.

Ginger Plants

These ginger plants never fail to fascinate us with their attractive, yummy-looking red "corns" & their orange bud-like blooms which provide nectar to sunbirds.

We have them featured in our blogging entries "The story of my tree musketeers" between 2010 to 2011 and have taken many beautiful & interesting photographs of these plants & their friendly companions.

Once again, we are delighted to feature this particular breed of ginger plant here in our blog.  However, we no longer own any of such ginger plants.  These vast bed of beautiful ginger plants are probably owned by NEA.

They are definitely a popular choice for adding beauty to landscapes at home premises & public places, including the front porch of commercial buildings.  Definitely a very common sight here in Singapore.

Please enjoy the beauty of these ginger plants in these photographs.

I read somewhere that the ants are found on the Ginger plants as they are there to preserve the "seeds" so that the plants will thrive.  I see a whitish colored spider clinging onto one of the leaves (left hand side of the photograph).

Other Birds

These 2 birds are found to be bred at the premises of a remoted place near Kallang.

We're not sure what these birds are known as scietifically but they are definitely noisy chaps who called out non-stop at any slight movement within their visual field.

Another pretty breed of Ginger Plant

This particular breed of ginger lineage was seen at one of the community gardens in a HDB estate.

It is definitely a lovely addition to any home garden!

Saturday, May 12, 2012

Community Cats (Pasir Ris)

We were strolling towards Sakya Tenpheling located at Pasir Ris Drive 4 when we came across these 2 community cats napping at the void deck of flats.

They are definitely at perfect ease in their home environment to be sleeping in such a fashion with their tummies exposed!

Aren't they adorable?

This ginger-coated cat ignored us as we went on meowing to get its attention.  It's busy sleeping & didn't want to be disturbed ...

This black tuxedo-ed cat simply turned around to stare at us sheepishly & turned back towards the wall to continue sleeping ...

Thursday, May 10, 2012

Chickens & Roosters

We were surprised when we saw roosters & chickens roaming freely at Pasir Ris Park. Some had attempted to "fly" but it was more like a high jump.

Posted Image

Posted Image